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We provide a full range of IT staffing services including contract, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire solutions. Our team of industry experts is ready to step in and make an immediate impact on your bottom line with our extensive network of contract and permanent IT professionals. Our IT consulting services encompass enhancing software architecture, devising a technology-driven digital strategy, and optimizing software portfolios to enhance operations. With the expertise of our software engineers, we ensure a seamless digital transformation journey by meticulously planning and executing the outlined IT strategy.

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Our IT Staffing

We strive to partner with our clients to completely understand the specific position, the work environment, corporate culture, and budgetary guidelines. We use many methods to generate a skilled pool of talented individuals to meet the needs of our clients.

Contract Staffing

Our contract staffing solutions provide organizations with enhanced hiring flexibility to hire top IT talent on a contract basis. We employ a methodical acquisition process to identify the most exceptional talent for your organization. By conducting thorough screenings and interviews, we carefully choose the ideal candidate from a vast pool of talent, ensuring alignment with the client's specific requirements.

Direct Hire Staffing

At InnoMethod, our team of committed placement experts diligently searches, identifies, and secures the top talent available in the IT industry. We employ a comprehensive interview process to thoroughly assess all candidates, and we also conduct reference checks to ensure the quality and suitability of each individual. Additionally, if requested, we can administer tests and validations to verify the IT skills of the candidates.

Contract to Hire Staffing

Our contract-to-hire staffing solutions empower organizations to efficiently staff their full-time positions by conducting on-the-job performance evaluations. With contract-to-hire staffing solutions, organizations have the chance to assess candidates during a contract period lasting approximately 3 to 6 months before making a hiring decision. This approach allows our clients to thoroughly evaluate candidates' core professional skills and make a commitment to hire if they meet the desired criteria.

Our IT Consulting

We strive to partner with our clients to completely understand the specific position, the work environment, corporate culture, and budgetary guidelines. We use many methods to generate a skilled pool of talented individuals to meet the needs of our clients.

IT Strategy Consulting

In today's dynamic landscape, ensuring consistent delivery of high-quality IT products and services while adopting innovative technologies is crucial for enterprise success. Our IT solutions consulting helps you strike a harmonious balance between these objectives, avoiding conflicts and staying competitive.

Software Product Consulting

Our IT consulting advisors analyze your business processes, employee software utilization, and mobile strategy. They provide recommendations for changes, developments, and seamless integration of third-party solutions to eliminate roadblocks.

Enterprise Architecture Advisory

With the expertise of our Enterprise Architecture experts, we can assist you in migrating from outdated and inefficient IT delivery systems and architectures to a cloud-based infrastructure. This transition not only streamlines delivery but also enables the seamless integration of new technologies into your software strategy.

Why Choose InnoMethods

Backed By Data

At InnoMethod, our IT staffing decisions are informed by robust data and market intelligence. We assist you in staying abreast of the latest employment opportunities and trends across various sectors of the IT industry. With our support, you can effortlessly stay ahead of market dynamics, ensuring that you don't miss out on any promising candidates.

Smart Sourcing

With our meticulous screening procedure, you can save valuable time by avoiding interactions with unqualified candidates. Our comprehensive screening process ensures that only the most suitable candidates reach you. Additionally, our personalized skill-screening reports provide an in-depth assessment of each candidate's capabilities, allowing you to verify their suitability for addressing the specific requirements of the hiring manager.

We Focus On Quality

Our extensive network of pre-screened candidates is a source of pride for us. We meticulously analyze each applicant through personalized interviews and employ a sophisticated screening process that includes multiple tests. This approach enables us to deliver reliable IT staffing services to all our clients.

Regular Monitoring

We regularly conduct performance reviews and undergo client audits to ensure that we consistently provide the best possible service. With our IT staffing services, clients can be assured that they will never have to worry about the value they receive.

Our Performance Speaks
For Itself

By combining our industry expertise with costumer expectations, InnoMethods swiftly creates your product while maintaining high standards of quality, functionality, and user-experience.


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